About Advanced Geophysics Inc.

Welcome to ADVANCED GEOPHYSICS INC. an airborne geophysical company that specializes in a hybrid Frequency Time-Domain Electromagnetics (FTEM™) system for subsurface surveying and mapping. We are proud to offer a cutting-edge technology that enables us to provide our clients with the most detailed and accurate information about their land and resources. Our primary RaptorFTEM™ equipment is proudly designed and built in-house by Advanced Geophysics end to end.

At Advanced Geophysics, we understand that accurate data is essential for making informed decisions about resource exploration, project development, and management. That’s why we use our patent pending FTEM™ system, which offers better delineation and imaging capabilities than traditional Electromagnetic Time Domain (TDEM) systems. With the FTEM™ system, we can see shallow to deep, providing us with more data than ever before. This will help clients accelerate the exploration of the mineral development for extraction on a claim or property by targeting subsurface anomalies identified in the primary electromagnetic survey.

Our team of experienced professionals has over 70 years of experience in electromagnetic devices, including subterranean wireless through-the-earth electromagnetic communications and data acquisition systems. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality results for our clients. We take a collaborative approach to each project, working closely with our clients to ensure that their specific needs are met. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our commitment to excellence in all aspects of our work.

Whether you’re looking to re-fly a property, explore for minerals, map geological formations, or monitor environmental conditions, our FTEM™ system can provide you with the detailed and accurate data you need. We are committed to using the latest technology and techniques to ensure that our clients receive the most reliable and informative results possible.

Advanced Geophysics’ vision will continue to evolve our intellectual property, product offering, relationship building, industry know-how and input. This will continue to assist us with the advancement of the technology ideas we have for the future.

Thank you for considering Advanced Geophysics Inc. for your subsurface surveying and mapping needs. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and provide you with the best possible service and technology.

Advanced Geophysics Benefits

Resolution Revolution

RaptorFTEM™ systems have some of the highest data resolution available in the industry due to our technology’s simultaneous shallow and deep subsurface imaging capabilities.

Multiple System Simultaneous Deployments

Deploy multiple RaptorFTEM™ systems simultaneously so you have the flexibility to adjust your depth of investigation focus as your survey collects data.

Unique EM Technologies

Our multiple patent pending technologies are not available in any other system! The RaptorFTEM™ systems offer unprecedented insight into subsurface exploration and mapping.

Deep TDEM Exploration

Time domain electromagnetic exploration has a reputation for only sensing shallow subsurface but our technology allows us to see nearly 1km deep in the right geologic conditions.

Agile Decision Making

With near real time ability to interpret data, surveys can be flown coarsely on one day and then followed up with other RaptorFTEM™ systems and/or finer grid spacing to gather data where you need it most!

Frequency AND Time Domain

RaptorFTEM™ hybrid systems are capable of acquiring both frequency and time domain data. 

This is possible because of full waveform data recording and unique data processing.  

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Resources We Help Locate

Time Domain Electromagnetic systems are useful for detecting differences in conductivity and the technology can be leveraged to directly or indirectly detect many different types of resources. The RaptorFTEM systems are designed to be flown with magnetometers, radiometers and gravimiters which can enhance the understanding of the EM responses. *Our technology is not limited to locating only these resources or applications.

Gold Miner Exploration

Gold is a highly conductive metal easily amenable to time domain exploration

Environmental monitoring

Time domain can be used for environmental monitoring.

diamond miner exploration

Kimberlite pipes can be detected indirectly with time domain exploration due to the conductive clays and associated minerals.

Copper miner exploration

Copper is a highly conductive metal easily amenable to time domain exploration

Uranium Miner Exploration

Uranium is not conductive but it can be indirectly detected depending on where it is deposited.

Water exploration or monitoring

Freshwater and saltwater can be detected and monitored but how well depends on differences in conductivity of the host rocks.

Lithium miner exploration

Lithium is a good conductor and its brines and host pegmatites can be detected with time domain exploration.

Potassium Potash miner exploration

Potassium is a good conductor and its brines can be detected with time domain exploration.

Carbon graphite Exploration

Graphite is a good conductor and can be detected with time domain methods.

unexploded Ordnance

Time domain can be utilized to discover Unexploded Explosive Ordnance.

oil exploration

Hydrocarbons are usually not conductive at shallow depths and they can be indirectly detected.

Silver miner exploration

Silver is a highly conductive metal easily amenable to time domain exploration

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